Mrs A is an ex-banking mother of two with a hard-to-kick handbag habit. A once upon a time slave to the City she became a casualty of the credit crunch while on baby leave. She has since relocated to the Kentish countryside to join the slummy mummy sect. On bad days she yearns for another attempt at climbing the greasy corporate pole.




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi – just found your site today and love it – I can relate (however no baby for me as of yet – brilliant timing on your part though – maybe I should consider it). My hedge fund group is in an orderly wind-down process – brought on by a rash of ponzi schemes as well as general market illiquidity. My calcs indicate I have until June before I am released from my duties. The Big R is a Big B and hard on the handbag habit to say the least! I am having difficulty adjusting to post Big R life. Will be back to see how you are doing . . .


    • Commiserations to a fellow victim of the R word – an undeniable big blow but not an irrecoverable one. I can think of more ill-advised routes than the baby one, especially with the gaping void of free time that accompanies life post the R word. Though be warned that the bottomless pit of expense that epitomises baby-rearing is not handbag habit friendly! Good luck 🙂

  2. I just came across this today and I think it’s absolutely fantastic. Your writing style is brilliant – seems a shame you wasted 8 years in broking when you could have been a writer!

    All I can say is… it doesn’t get easier. My son is 20 and struggling to work through his university degree – wiping sh*t off the floor in baby-changing rooms seems a blissful memory by comparison!

    Keep the pecker up – I look forward to more and will check back to your blog soon.

    • Thanks Allan – hopefully the upside of things never getting easier is that I will be provided with an endless stream of sustenance for feeding my blog! In hindsight I do wish I had pursued writing in lieu of broking. Hindsight is 20/20 so they say…

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